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Adult Caskets

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Willow and Wood Casket

6’ 0” x 22”, 6’ 4” x 24”

Traditional Willow

5’ 8” x 21”, 6’ x 22”, 6’ 2” x 23”, 6’ 4” x 24”

Oval Willow

5’ 8” x 21”, 6’ x 22”, 6’ 2” x 23”, 6’ 4” x 24”

Test Weight: 350 lbs

The Passages Collection for Eco-Friendly Caskets is hand crafted by skilled weavers. They are suitable for viewing and services followed by burial or cremation. Each casket features sturdy handles for carrying, along with a natural, unbleached cotton interior, matching pillow and privacy shield.

Willow plants are fast growing, easy to harvest and require no fertilizer. The willow plans replenish fertility in depleted soils, in addition to providing habitats for birds and insects. They also act as windbreaks, soil stabilizers and combat both river and coastal erosion.

Since each casket is handmade, they may vary slightly in color and appearance. They feature an eco-friendly, rigid base that provides additional strength. Each adult casket is weight-tested to 335 lbs and each design is available in multiple sizes.

NEW! Memorial Petals now available.