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Infant Caskets

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Poppy Infant Casket:

12 Inch Willow

Lilac Casket:

16 Inch Willow

Lily Casket:

20 Inch Willow and Cornskin

Snowdrop Clouds:

30 Inch Willow

Handmade Paper:

32", 28", 22", 19", 12", 8"

“Arrived today…Brilliant, quick and excellent service. Will defo use you again!” – Adrian Ashley, Administrative Assistant, AJ Lloyd Funeral Directors

The Passages Collection of Eco-friendly Infant Willow Caskets is hand crafted by skilled weavers. Suitable for green burial and clean cremation, each casket includes a pillow and “privacy shield” to prevent visual access to the interior of the casket (through the weave in the willow). They are fully lined with simple, natural cotton linings and are simple to close securely. Your purchase of a Passages Collection casket has enormous benefits to rural populations. This cottage industry provides badly needed seasonal income to families in rural communities. The willow plants are fast growing, easy to harvest and require no fertilizers. They also replenish fertility in depleted soils in addition to providing habitats for birds and insects. Since the caskets are handmade,they may vary slightly in color and appearance.

The Infant Handmade Paper Caskets are crafted from a biodegradable paper which is handmade using a centuries-old technique. They are suitable for green burial and clean cremation. The bark from the mulberry tree is harvested, leaving the tree intact. It is then soaked, made into a pulp and spread out onto bamboo screens. Flower petals are inlaid before the screens are placed in the sun to dry. The resulting paper is used to create the beautiful and earth-friendly Passages® Baby and Infant Caskets. Each casket includes a fleece lining, a pillow and a Blooming Ornament.

NEW! Memorial Petals now available.