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Frequently Asked Questions

Biodegradable Urns

Why does my Shell or Memento urn look different than the picture in the catalog/on my screen?

Many of our products are made by hand and will vary in appearance. Some are painted in small batches, sometimes with hand-mixed paint colours. Photographs of our products can vary in colour due to whether the photograph was taken outdoors (in natural light) or in a studio environment, the background, the screen or device it is being viewed on, or colour shifts in the printed catalog.

How long will water burial urns take to sink?

In tests it has been found that water biodegradable urns will sink between three and five minutes after being placed in the water. The time it takes for the urn to sink may vary significantly depending in local weather and water conditions and the weight of the cremated remains.

How long will the urn take to break down in water?

Within 24 hours of being placed in the water, the Journey Earthurns and Shell Deep Water Bio Urns will not be recognizable. Depending on local water conditions it can take between 30 and 90 days to completely degrade. Please note that these are organic products that biodegrade naturally over time.

How long will the urn take to break down when buried in the ground?

It can take several months depending on local conditions. Generally the more moisture in the soil, the quicker the urn will biodegrade.

Can I travel with the urn?

Yes. All of Passages urns are very durable and travel well. Since the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has implemented procedures that require urns that are to be carried into the cabin of a commercial aircraft to be x-rayed by security screeners. If security screeners are unable to view the contents of the urn during the x-ray process, the urn must be checked as baggage. To avoid uncomfortable situations, all of Passages International’s urns are constructed to clearly allow security screeners to view the contents of the urn. That said, the TSA can change its rules and regulations at any time.

What is included with each Earthurn?

Included with each urn is a biodegradable plastic bag and tie. These bags are NOT packed inside the urn, rather they can be located in the box that the urns are shipped in. (Occasionally the bags will fall to the bottom of the box during shipping) The bags are EPA approved and will dissolve in 60 seconds when placed in warm or cold water.

Will the urn biodegrade before I have time to bury or scatter?

No. Passages biodegradable urns are engineered to be durable and will not begin to biodegrade until they are placed in “the elements” (earth or water). This allows families to wait until they are ready to scatter or bury the cremated remains.

Blooming Remembrances and Mini Cards

Can the bookmarks and mini cards be printed in colour?

At present, they are only printed in black and white.

Can both sides of the bookmarks and mini cards be personalized?

Only the front of the cards and bookmarks can be personalized.

How do we know the Remembrances will bloom?

Passages purchases high-quality seeds that are routinely tested. In these tests, germination rates of over 80% have been recorded. However, these products are natural and there are no guarantees that flowers will bloom from individual ornaments. There are many factors that determine whether a seed germinates. An ornament may not grow because it is not watered consistently or effectively, is not exposed to enough light, or is not placed in a temperate environment.


How will my order be shipped?

Unless otherwise directed, Passages International Inc, Ltd. will ship all orders via Royal Mail or Courier. Most shipments will be received at their final destination within 2 business days. Expedited shipping is available, up to and including Overnight Service.

How much is shipping?

Most urn orders that are shipped via Royal Mail or Courier will cost between £4 – £5 or £10 – £12, depending on the size of the package. Guaranteed overnight shipping can cost an additional fee, depending on the final destination.